Key Concepts

A quick summary of the "writing-to-learn" steps that lead to insightful writing

Terms, Expectations & Questions Sheet

A tool for critical reading that integrates comprehension and interrogation

Four Functions of Paragraphs

A tool for paragraph development that serves readers' needs for context, evidence, commentary, and a claim

provided by Nora Culik

Purdue Online Writing Laboratory

Thousands of practical pages answer almost any writing question with precise advice and clear examples. Widely respected and used.

An Invitation to Add to This Toolkit

What web sites, classroom tools, resources, etc. have been especially useful to you? We want to build this page so that it represents the pedagogy that serves students.  Suggestions can be emailed to

Tiered Assignments

Offering a choice of assignments that address different levels of preparation can increase success.  

Evaluating Group Projects

A tool that fairly evaluates different types of contributions to group projects, thus rewarding responsible collaboration.  

provided by Nora Culik

Open Educational Resources

Educause offers a thoughtful gateway to OER tools, sites, concepts, etc.